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Xms is a unique learning management system. What do we mean by unique? By unique, we mean that we built this learning management system a little differently than you would normally expect.


Our founder Bob Mahaffey started building the xms in 2002 by exemplifying empathy for the customer. Since he was a customer for 12 years, he is able to put himself in the customers position and then develop a solution that will meet their needs so that the xms can become the most customer centric learning management system in the universe.


Our goal is the provide the customer with an experience they can’t get anywhere else. We do this by focusing on our five learning management system principles.


Principle number one, learning and evolve.


The xms has been around a long time, for nearly twenty years. Over this time, it has evolved like an ever-changing amoeba that has been modified based on customer requests.


Principle number two, beauty, Its gotta be beautiful but first let’s define beauty.


When it comes to the xms the beauty lies in the simplicity, it has to be easy to use for all learners. What courses do I need to take? What order do I need to take them in? By what day do I need to complete the courseware?


Principle number three, mobile anyone?


The lms and all courseware must be truly mobile compatible and also look great no matter the device. Laptop or desktop? Check one. Ipad or surface pro? Check two. Mobile phone? Check three. Virtual reality goggles? Well, that’s not a check… yet, but stay tuned.


Principle number four, its gotta be global.


(In French) Hello, the xms learning management system is most certainly available in any language you require, without problem.


Principle number five, secure.


In over 19 years we are pleased to report no security breaches. This is due to the over engineering that takes place with the design of our security architecture. But we won’t stop here, we will never stop. We believe that continually focusing on finding a way to provide a better experience for our customers will result in a never-ending cycle.


And the results provided to our customers speaks volumes.

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