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xms Enterprise

Large organizations with a global presence need an LMS that can support multiple languages and complex user hierarchy structures. This package will give you unlimited users, admins, and storage for any content you’d like to host. Organizations of your size typically need features like single sign-on (SSO) and application programming interfaces (APIs) to support writeback for internal data tracking. We’ll do all the initial setup as a part of our standard implementation process, giving you a platform that’s easy to maintain for years to come. If our 30+ standard reports don’t cover everything you’re looking for, we’ll build out additional custom reports to suit your needs. Want your LMS to fully replicate the look and feel of your brand? Our platform can support custom logos, color palates and even fonts to create a seamless experience for your users. Unlike some of our competitors in the LMS space, we’ll truly customize a platform that’s 100% tailored to your needs. Let’s see what we can come up with together!

• Unlimited Registered Users

• Single Sign-on
• Learning Experience Platform
• Unlimited Courses
• Dedicated Project Manager
• Custom Branded
• Custom Reporting
• Language Localization
• GDPR Compliant
• Truly Mobile

• Custom Pricing

Product Features

  • Branding – A company brand is not only important to customers; it’s important to a learner. It provides consistency and helps a learner connect to a company and their goals. With this in mind, our platform does more than put a logo in corner. The platform will  visually illustrate a brand—right down to style, fonts, and nomenclature.  Sub-branding can also be applied to specific groups or learners, so that the platform is unique by user. Additionally, clients can have multiple brands per site.

  • Content – All content items support prerequisites, equivalencies, exams, certificates, and surveys. Content can include eLearning courses, downloadable resources, ILT materials, videos, and other links.

  • Online Tracked Content – Traditional SCORM packages, fully capable xAPI, and MP4 videos can all be tracked with built in player. PDFs can also be tracked, to ensure the learner has read the document from top to bottom.

  • Downloadable Resources –Documents can be added as a downloadable resources. File types can include Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint. This feature is tracked per click and can be reported accordingly.

  • External Links – Any external link can be set up as a content item. This feature is tracked per click and can be reported.

  • Instructor Led Training – Schedule this content in the LMS. ILT features includes support for multiple classes per content item and full calendar support with notification--including waiting lists. Additional support is available for webinar links; including Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom. ILT allows for an ordered series of instructor led classes, with the addition of an approval process for classes, to ensure learner involvement.

  • Activities – Create offline activities that can then be verified by managers.  This allows for back-and-forth communications between the learner and their manager.

  • Exam Engine – The built-in exam engine provides the ability to upload a bank of question; as well as options to randomize the questions, set a timer for the exam, add remediation, and includues the capability for bookmarking. 

  • Certificates – Add certificates to content loaded in the system and utilize the custom background feature to add branding to each certificate, in relation to the content.

  • Surveys – Surveys can be set to be anonymous or tracked, required or optional, and can be presented before or after a content item being completed.

  • Notifications – Set up system notifications that appear when learners log on. Display notifications for all learners or customize them to display only for specific groups of learners.

  • Social – Learners can share and comment on specific content items in the system, as well as create and share in forums, for a better learning experience.

  • Languages – Built-in support for over 12 languages. Additional languages can be added upon request.

  • User Registration – The system supports 1 or more of the following types of user creation: Self-registration, Single Sign-On, and/or User Data Feed. Support for SAML 2.0 and OIDC is included. SSO can be used from Authentication only; Authentication and Account Creation; or Authentication, Account Creation, and Updates. 

  • Whitelist/Blacklist – The ability to enable or prohibit self-registration based on learner’s email.

  • Reports – There are 30+ built-in reports, including the ability to send a schedule to 1 or many individuals in the system.

  • 3rd Party Integrations – We have quickly and successfully integrated with several 3rd party systems to provide rewards systems, badging, and discount codes for learners to earn based on their completed training. We look forward to integrating with additional 3rd party services to further enhance the learning experience. 

  • Visual Customizations – Thumbnail view for content allows for a tile layout that is compatible on a computer or mobile device. Customizations can also include a Leaderboard that displays a list of high-performance learners, for a more competitive approach to completing tasks in the system. The Favorites feature allows learners to create and save a list of content items, view them on one page, and modify their list as needed.

No Versions

Unlike most popular Learning Management Systems (LMSs) available today, our platform doesn’t have versions with limited access—this means that when we add a new feature, make an enhancement, add a report, or fix a bug, you can get that element in the version you prefer. There are no additional costs and no concern with your code being out of date.  This even includes new social features or enhanced functionality. Our roadmap is openly discussed during quarterly meetings with each client. These meetings give clients the opportunity to determine which new features they want to turn on, as well as an opportunity to suggest other features they’d like to see added to the platform in the future.  Because we are a company that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) products, we realize that software is always improving and enhancing. There is no reason existing customers should be left behind—they showed us loyalty and we’ll show them loyalty.​


  • Xcelerate Media provides best-in-business, admin-to-admin support.

  • Dedicated account management—response time is always less than 24 hours, but most users receive a responses in less than 2 hours.

  • Option to add and submit a questions form to our support team

  • Support is not outsourced—support team is comprised of internal employees that have firsthand knowledge of the platform, each client, and the client’s specific features.

XMS Enterprise

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