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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we get started?
    Simply send an email or make a phone call, utilizing the contact information on our website. Then a simple four-step process is utilized: 1. A demonstration is typically given. Once all questions are answered and the requirements are finalized, a quote is provided. 2. If the customer is satisfied that all requirements will be filled, and the pricing is in line, a kick-off meeting is scheduled. This kick-off meeting is facilitated by one of our project managers. 3. A project plan is submitted by the project manager for review. This project plan is modified until both parties mutually agree to the milestone dates. 4. The project plan is executed through full production roll-out, then the partnership continues through ongoing support.
  • How long does it take to set up the platform?
    30 to 90 days, depending on the complexity and integrations associated with the implementation.
  • Do you offer unlimited user plans?
    Yes, this is an option on our Enterprise package.
  • What is the process to implement the LMS?
    All implementations involve a mutually agreed upon project plan that is established during a kick-off meeting with the customer. This provides customers with the information they need until full production roll-out.
  • How many users can the xms support?
    The xms is engineered to support customers that have less than 100 users, to customers that have over 100,000 users, without issue.
  • Does the xms support single sign-on?
    The xms supports industry standards SAML 2.0 and OIDC.
  • Can I host the xms in my infrastructure?
    The xms is a SaaS and is only hosted in the cloud.
  • Does my plan include free support?
    Yes, the xms has support provided at no additional cost and is not outsourced to a third party.
  • What tasks does the xms Project Manager handle?
    Our Project Manager will handle as much (or as little) as desired when it comes to administration of the LMS.
  • What types of payment do you accepts?
    Customers can pay monthly, quarterly, annually, or upfront. Discounts are provided based on the payment method.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?
    Upgrading or downgrading is not necessary. All features are available to all clients and can be configured independently.
  • Is the xms GDPR compliant?
    Yes, the xms supports GDPR requirements.
  • Does the xms support xAPI?
    Yes, this is fully supported.
  • Does the xms support SCORM?
    Yes, this is fully supported for version 1.2 and partially supported for 2004.
  • Is the xms a Learning Experience Platform?
    The xms has many of the features associated with being an LXP and will be adding more to become a full LXP.
  • Does the xms provide a calendar for virtual learning and instructor–led training?
    Yes, this is supported in the xms.
  • Does the xms have any downtime?
    Yes, there are scheduled upgrades that create seconds of downtime, on a monthly basis. Customers are notified of downtime in advance. Downtime is scheduled on weekends, and in specific timeframes, in order to minimize any impact to end-users.
  • What types of content objects can be supported on the xms (eLearning, .pdf’s, videos, surveys, ect.)?"
    The xms supports Online Tracked (AICC, SCORM, xAPI, MP4, PDF), Downloadable Resources (MP4 Video, PDF, Word Documents, Excel Documents), External links (video, document or web page), Built-in Exam Engine, Surveys, Certificates, Activities (manually completed tasks outside of the system that entered into the xms), an instructor led training.
  • What languages are supported on xms?
    We have been able to satisfy all customer requests for language localization since 2003. We currently accomodate customers who utilize sites localized in just one language, as well as customers who utilize sites localized in fourteen languages.
  • What is included in the annual fee?
    Please see the features section of the website.
  • What is the xms philosophy on nickel and dime charges?
    The xms philosophy on doing business involves no "nickel-and-dime" charges – ever. Customers pay a monthly or annual fee, which includes everything required to utilize the xms.
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